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Unlimited Actions for Instagram Automation

Unrestricted Interactions

With , you can perform unlimited actions for Instagram automation. Whether you want to follow new accounts, unfollow non-followers, like posts, comment on engaging content, or send direct messages, allows you to do so without any limitations. Enjoy the freedom to interact with a wide range of Instagram users and engage with your target audience on a larger scale.

Limitless Potential

unlocks limitless potential for your Instagram automation efforts. There are no predefined quotas or restrictions on the number of actions you can perform. This means you can fully leverage 's capabilities to achieve your desired results, whether it's growing your follower base, increasing engagement, or promoting your brand. Take advantage of the unlimited actions to maximize your Instagram success.

Achieving Goals

With unlimited actions at your disposal, empowers you to reach your Instagram goals effectively. Whether you have specific targets for the number of followers, engagement rate, or outreach, ensures that you have the necessary automation tools to make significant progress. Take full control of your Instagram strategy and utilize 's unlimited actions to drive your desired outcomes.

Instagram Limits Still Apply

Even if doesn't have any limitations, you still have to respect Instagram limitations.

Instagram has only "one official limit": you are allowed to a maximum of 7500 Following.

There are no official limits for the requests you can do, and every Instagram account has different limits depending the account activity and popularity, but here are some recommended limits for each action:

  • Like: 200 / day
  • Comment: 100 / day
  • Follow: 150 / day
  • Unfollow: 150 / day
  • Direct Message: 50 / day
  • Watch Story: no limit, just take pauses of few hours now and then

But the total number of actions should be lower than the sum of those limits:

  • Total actions: (Like, Comment, Follow, Unfollow and Direct Message) 500 / day

If you are temporarily limited by Instagram (when you get the "Action Blocked" popup), your limits decrease, so you have to let your account cool down for a while and use lower limits. Then you have to increase your limits, little by little, over time (days or weeks), else you will get limited again or even worse: you might get banned.