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Advanced Targeting Filters for Precise Account Selection

Filter Business Accounts

's Advanced Targeting Filters allow you to filter accounts based on their business or non-business status. This filter enables you to specifically target accounts that are categorized as businesses, making it easier to reach potential customers, collaborate with brands, and align your engagement efforts with your business objectives.

Filter Private Accounts

With , you can filter accounts based on their privacy settings. This filter allows you to target either private or non-private accounts, depending on your engagement strategy. By filtering private accounts, you can focus on building relationships with individuals who are more open to interacting with your content and increasing your chances of growing your audience.

Filter Verified Accounts

's Advanced Targeting Filters include the ability to filter verified or non-verified accounts. This filter allows you to specifically target verified accounts, which are often influential and trusted figures on Instagram. By engaging with verified accounts, you can leverage their authority and potentially expand your reach to a wider audience.

Filter Recently Joined Accounts

allows you to filter accounts based on their activity level. This includes the option to target accounts that have recently joined Instagram. By engaging with new accounts, you can connect with users who are actively exploring the platform, potentially increasing your chances of attracting early adopters and building a loyal audience.

Filter Existing Requests

With , you can filter accounts based on whether you have already sent them a follow request. This filter helps you avoid duplicating your efforts by excluding accounts that you have already interacted with. It allows you to focus on new accounts that you haven't engaged with yet, ensuring a more efficient and targeted approach to your interactions.

Filter by Follow Relationships

's Advanced Targeting Filters enable you to filter accounts based on their follow relationship with your account. You can specify whether the account follows you, you follow them, or if there is no follow relationship between the accounts. This filter helps you tailor your interactions to specific follow dynamics and target accounts based on your desired relationship with them.

Filter by Follower/Following Counts

allows you to filter accounts based on their follower and following counts. You can set minimum and maximum thresholds to target accounts within specific follower and following ranges. This filter helps you focus on accounts with a certain level of influence or engagement, ensuring that your interactions are directed towards the most relevant and impactful profiles.

Filter by Username Text

's Advanced Targeting Filters include the ability to filter accounts based on specific text within their usernames. You can specify keywords or phrases that you want the usernames to include or exclude, allowing you to target accounts that align with your niche or exclude accounts that don't meet your criteria. This filter helps you refine your account selection based on username relevance.