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Built-in Proxy for Secure Automation

Assign Proxies to Each Account

With 's built-in proxy feature, you can easily assign a different proxy to each Instagram account you automate. By using separate proxies, you ensure that each account operates independently and with a unique online identity. This adds an extra layer of protection and helps maintain the authenticity of your interactions.

Compatibility with Multiple Protocols

supports a wide range of proxy protocols, including socks4, socks5 (no auth), http, and https. This compatibility allows you to choose the protocol that best fits your needs and ensures seamless integration with your preferred proxy providers. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using the proxy type that suits your automation requirements.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

By utilizing the built-in proxy feature, enhances the security and privacy of your Instagram automation activities. Proxies act as intermediaries between your accounts and Instagram, effectively masking your IP address and adding an additional layer of anonymity. This helps protect your accounts from potential detection and ensures a secure environment for your automation efforts.